The Power of Diversity with Mandy Rennehan

DEFY Conference 2024 is coming up fast! Less than one month from now, 500+ diverse entrepreneurs, business owners, procurement professionals, and organization partners will come together to forge the future of supplier diversity in Montreal. We’ll be welcoming leaders from across industries to speak on key subjects along three streams – DEI, AI in the Spotlight, and Sustainability in the Supply Chain. Still on the fence about attending DEFY? Hear from Mandy Rennehan, the dynamic founder of Freshco and our opening keynote speaker, on the importance of DEFY Conference 2024.

Mandy Rennehan (a.k.a. Bear) is called the Blue-Collar CEO™ for her ability to seamlessly navigate between the white- and blue-collar worlds, and to respectfully ‘tell it like it is’. Not only is she the Host, Designer and Contractor for HGTV’s new show, Trading Up, Mandy is a sought-after speaker, multiple award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, trade-industry ambassador and CEO/founder of (not the grocery store!)

“Making people of tremendous potential and talent feel equal in an industry they otherwise felt was not open to them has been a no brainer in terms of impact,”

– Mandy Rennehan

At Freshco, Mandy has seen firsthand how investing in diversity goes beyond financial impact to cultivate an inclusive corporate culture where everyone’s voice is valued. It’s about breaking down barriers and fostering trust, ultimately leading to unparalleled success.

To hear Mandy explain it, diversity is refreshingly simple: “We believe in talent, period.” DEFY Conference is a venue to explore the value of diversity further. “This is about making sure the bench has the same advantages and opportunities to play , keeping in mind some of the players will need more resources because they didn’t have the same advantages as others.” Mandy and her team have made an intentional decision to foster an organic corporate culture that creates a sense of trust in the company and has made Freshco a powerhouse in real diversity. At DEFY, you can connect with fellow diverse suppliers and industry leaders to build authentic diversity into your company culture.

At the end of the day, Mandy’s journey has shown her that diversity in the supply chain and in the workplace breeds innovation. “We are a more defined global workforce, having a competitive advantage as ‘being the change’ authentically allows you to own the space you’re in and scale against so called competitors.

So, why should you register for the DEFY Conference 2024? Because it’s more than just a conference — it’s an opportunity to forge the future of Supplier Diversity in Canada and beyond. Take advantage of three days of dynamic programming to network, connect and build inclusion and diversity into the fabric of your company.

Don’t miss your chance forge the future of Supplier Diversity at DEFY Conference 2024

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