Improving economic opportunities for diverse certified suppliers, from coast to coast.

The Supplier Diversity Alliance Canada (SDAC) supports and informs governments, businesses and key stakeholders on the importance of inclusive procurement policies and practices through supplier diversity, leading to value with economic growth and social impact.


The SDAC was established in 2016 with the intention of advancing supplier diversity in Canada. The SDAC is comprised of national supplier diversity organizations that specialize in certifying diverse suppliers.

Our Core Activities

Collaborating and aligning efforts in key areas, the SDAC strives to improve economic opportunities for diverse certified suppliers from across the country, while assisting the various stakeholders in achieving their collective mandates. 


We’re working to conduct and provide the most current information on Supplier Diversity in Canada.


We have organized a representative task force that includes Canadian corporations to discuss and work with Canadian governments on how they could implement a Supplier Diversity program.


We are committed to providing development opportunities for all diverse Canadian Suppliers.

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