Through our activities, the SDAC advises leaders on key priorities, concerns and best practices regarding supplier diversity and inclusive procurement.

The SDAC seeks to provide support, guidance and consultation to stakeholders on the direct impacts of developing and applying effective inclusive procurement policies and practices. As a national organization, the SDAC presents information and recommendations to governments, businesses and other key stakeholders through annual learning forums, research and government relations activities. Through these efforts, the SDAC advises leaders on key priorities, concerns and best practices regarding supplier diversity and inclusive procurement.

The SDAC is committed to:

  • Acting as Canada’s common voice for supplier diversity
  • Advocating for public policy change as it relates to supplier diversity and inclusive procurement
  • Driving increased economic growth and social impact across Canada.

The SDAC focuses on three core activities: AdvocacyResearch, and Learning



Read the SDAC’s recent op-ed published in the Hill Times.

SDAC has organized a representative task force that includes Canadian corporations to discuss and work with Canadian governments on how they could implement a Supplier Diversity program.

Supplier Diversity Alliance Canada is requesting the Canadian governments at all levels to develop and implement a social procurement policy that addresses economic growth and social impact through the inclusion of traditionally under-represented suppliers (enterprises that are certified as 51%+ owned, managed, and controlled by Aboriginal people, women, visible minorities, LGBT+ people, Veterans, and people with disabilities) in public procurement opportunities.

Government policy or legislation around inclusive procurement would ensure increased economic opportunity and growth and social impact across Canada, as under-represented suppliers would be provided the chance to grow in terms of business acumen, professional development, business connections and bottom line results.

The creation of a Government Supplier Diversity Contract Program that targets a set percentage of the government procurement would provide greater access to public contracting opportunities for diverse suppliers by enabling diverse suppliers to compete for public contracts.  This can be accomplished through a series of proven tactics. 


The SDAC is committed to providing development opportunities for all diverse Canadian suppliers.

Each Fall, SDAC hosts the Connect. Collaborate. Succeed. event, bringing together suppliers and corporate partners together for a day of learning and relationship building.

To see a complete list of all supplier diversity events hosted by SDAC partners, visit the events calendar.


The SDAC is working to conduct and provide the most current information on supplier diversity in Canada.

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